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Log Home Stain and Finishing

Log Home Before and After Blasting and StainingThere are 2 basic types of finishes on the market today, “film-formers,” and “penetrating” finishes.  The choice as to which is “better” is generally a personal preference.  Film forming finishes typically have a glossy appearance, while penetrating finishes are generally more of a matte finish.  Film formers often require multiple coats of finish (generally 2 color coats followed by 1-2 clear coats) while penetrants usually only require 1 or 2 coats.  However, maintaining a penetrating finish is typically easier and more cost effective than maintaining a film former. 

Log Home Stain and FinishingOver the years, the finishes available on the market have changed as well as the make up of the finishes.  The biggest changes have been in regards to the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) component.  You might recall that stains available 30+ years ago often had an extremely strong odor.  This was primarily due to these VOC’s present in the stain.  Due to health concerns and environmental concerns, manufacturers have been required to lower the VOC content several times.  While this may be better for health and the environment, it unfortunately leads to finishes not holding up nearly as long as they once did. 

Nearly every stain/finish on the market today will require a maintenance application every 2-5 years.  This is especially true with a film former.  As film formers weather and break down, there is a tendancy to peel/flake.  Once that happens, it usually requires sanding or blasting in order to get a new coat to adhere properly.  With a penetrant, unless it has been let go for several years, typically a wash and re-coat are all that is needed.

Once a homeowner chooses a finish for their home, we typically recommend sticking with that particular product unless the house is in need of blasting.  Many of our customers call asking us to simply “maintain” the finish they currently have.  If the finish is still in good shape, we can often do this with a simple wash/re-coat.

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