Maintenance is the key to protecting your home’s beauty and value.

While our cob blasting services can give an old home a fresh start, it still must be finished and then maintained regularly, or the wood will begin to deteriorate.

Here are some tips for proper maintenance.


…or let US do it!

Log Home MaintenanceBlastmaster offers a complete maintenance package beginning with our cob blasting service, followed by application of high quality finishes, and application of maintenance coats as necessary. All of the above steps will be handled by our employees. This way, you do not have to remember or take the time to clean the house, apply maintenance coats, climb ladders, or wonder how long the finish will last. We make it easy for you! We would appreciate the opportunity to keep your home looking its best for years to come. Keeping your log home looking its best is our best advertisement.

In addition to keeping your home looking its best, let Blastmaster restore your deck and handrails. We use deck finishes designed to handle the foot traffic and wear that most decks see. Due to the heavy exposure of decks and rails, they do require maintenance more often than log home finishes. Therefore, we recommend washing them annually and re-coating about every other year.

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Our Mission:

To add value to our customers’ businesses, homes, and lives by beautifying, protecting, and maintaining their investment.

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