cob blasting

COB BLASTING is the best solution for removing old failing stains and finishes from log homes.

Specializing in Corn Cob Blasting for Log Home Restoration

Unlike chemical strippers, corn cob is completely non-toxic and safe for the environment. Unlike pressure washing, it is a completely dry method, so there is no need to wait before applying stain. There is also no concern of water or chemicals entering your home.

Cob blasting is similar to sandblasting with a couple of exceptions. First of all, we use finely ground corn cob (40/60 grit) as the blast media to reveal fresh wood and restore its original beauty. Cob blasting can also be used on cedar or wood siding. With a Moh’s hardness of less than 4.5, it can remove stains and finishes without causing damage to the wood. Learn more about stains and finishes

Secondly, our specially designed blast pots allow us to dial down the pressure so as not to remove an excessive amount of wood.

Additionally, cob blasting is superior to sandblasting as it does not “pit” the wood like sand will. Cob blasting produces only minimal dust, so containment is not a major concern and any grit that is left when the blasting is complete makes for good mulch. Corn cob media will not etch glass, so it is also safe to use near and around windows.

When undertaking a log home restoration project, it is important to do things right in order to avoid having to do them again a short time later. By properly removing a failing finish, you can be sure that your new finish will adhere well and protect your home as it is intended to do. Learn more about log home maintenance

Cob blasting and refinishing your log home is a great way to protect and enhance your investment. If you’re like most people, your home is one of your largest investments you’ll ever make. And like any investment, it needs to be cared for and properly maintained. If your log home is poorly maintained or neglected, its value can plummet. By properly removing failing finishes and applying a fresh new finish, your home’s true beauty can shine and will be worth much more. Check out our frequently asked questions page, and if your questions aren’t answered there, please contact us.

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