The crew was professional and knowledgeable with minimal disruption iof my routine. They accomplished the task in a minimal amount of time. Luc brought a potential area of water causing the wood to rot to our attention but resolved it. I am thrilled with how our house turned out.
Cheryl S.
We can't say enough about Jason & his crew. They refinished the exterior of our 40 y/o log home with excellent results. It looks great!!! The crew knew exactly what to do, worked in a timely manner & were polite, neat & professional. They paid attention to every detail & even cleaned our exterior windows at the end of the unexpected surprise! Thank you Jason, Don, Garrett & the rest of the crew for a job well done. It was a pleasure to do business with people who know & care about what we need to keep our home looking it's best. I highly recommend Blastmaster Surface Restoration Inc.
Jean T.
Jason and his crew were very professional and did an excellent job on my home's exterior. It was a worry free experience.
Christopher T.
Jason and his workers were polite, efficient, clean and neat. The clean and neat part is fairly remarkable considering the dusty nature of their job. Jason is outgoing and good-natured (I didn’t get to know the workers as well). Basically they’re people that you don’t mind having around your home at all. They did a thorough, professional job and are genuinely concerned that you find the quality of their work acceptable. They definitely take pride in a job well done. Their goal is not to do just the minimum to get by and collect their fee but to truly do a good, thorough job in every respect. If you watch the video on their web site and look at the pictures there you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. The pictures are not just from the “best job they ever did” -- I believe that they’re examples of the work that they do on every job. They are certainly representative of the work that they did on our house. The exterior of our house was not maintained as well as it should have been (I’m ashamed to admit). If you’re someone who has put off maintenance or maybe done it but at longer than optimal intervals then Jason and Blastmasters can get your home back to its original condition and give you an opportunity for a fresh start at maintaining it. That’s what he was able to do for us. We’re thrilled with the results.
David K.
The interior of my log home became dim and dark with age. I called Blastmaster who had, several years ago, beautifully restored the home’s exterior. This week, in four days, the Blastmaster team prepped and painted some interior walls and refreshed the fireplace bricks. Now the home looks bright and alive, fresh and open a wonderful result! The team worked with enthusiasm, with much skill and proficiency, and they responded to my questions and requests with knowledge and good humor; a truly professional group I enjoyed having in my home. They completed all I asked and more! The painting shows new beauty in the logs revealing shapes and lines and markings a work of art! Jason and his team are sensational! Much appreciation.
Martha M.
I want to say how happy we are with the work your crew did on our house. They were so professional and pleasant. I couldn't recommend you're company more. such a good group of employees you have working for you. it's the best experience I've had with any crew working on my home!
Bill H.
Amazing that 30 years plus of stain and weathering were blasted away to fresh logs again. We are very pleased with results. Crew was on time and cleaned up daily. Definitely recommend!
Tom M.
I love the new deck and the others feel so solid now! Thanks for the great work. The new stain looks really good too!!
Carol K.
All work from the visit a year ago until the crew finished was excellent. I'm happy I switched to the upgraded on the sealer as well.
John L.
We have used the services of Blastmaster for going on six years. They have both washed and stained both our cabins and our house. Their work and their work ethic are excellent. I highly recommend them for all your log home maintenance.
Chuck K.
Very professional and personable. We couldn’t be more pleased with their work and how our cabin was brought back to its natural wood beauty.
Don and Luann
Could not be more pleased with the look of the house - looks brand new! Would strongly refer to anyone looking for professional and exceptional work.
Paula G.
Looks like a brand new house! The employees were very friendly, courteous and efficient. Jack, Marley & Bailey are going to miss you guys!
Tommy T.
We are very happy with our restoration. It looks brand new and so beautiful. Garret and the crew did a great job and we appreciate his accomodating things as they came up. We will highly recommend you. Thanks so much.
Becky R.
Excellent business approach - prompt response, outstanding punctuality, keeping in touch, friendly manners, etc. We were very pleased with the results...
Kathleen V.
Professional and courteous. Nice Job!
David W.
Excellent to work with. Job was outstanding. Did what he said he would.
David M.
Log cabin staining